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Royal Gulets

Royal Gulet

Royal Gulet

..are the most high class vessels that you can rent for your money.

All aspects of Luxury like the size of the boat, cabins, technical equipments are at highest level to be find. They are floating palaces where you can expect best crew and best service. These High-end Yachts length starting from  24 meters up to 60 meters with very large Air Conditioned Cabins and en suite bath. Very suitable for every groups like Senior, Business and Privileged groups.


Daily Charter Prices are between : 2.750 – 25.000 Euro  / Day (depending on month)

With the new system that we provided on Gulet Turkey you can now compare up to 3 boats. So you can see easier the differences between these vessels. If you still need more help, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Please find below Gulets that we recommend..

Perhaps we have more of this class of Gulets to offer you. If you didn’t found the right one here, please ask for other options as well. As more and more Gulets change name or owner, it is very difficult to keep up with it.
And if the prices are too high for you or your group, you should consider to downgrade the class. They are still very good vessels and maybe this are the right ones for your pocket.
Take a look on here :  6 Star Deluxe Class Gulets

The reason why we came up with the Gulet Class Categories is simple. As these vessels are like floating hotels, they have to be split it into different classes such hotels are. But we didn’t kept the standard of hotels classes, instead we created our own. Starting from the basic category of Standard Gulet, up to Royal Gulet (highest category that we offer). On this page you see a selection of our Royal Gulet that we do offer.